Eggnog anytime!

My favorite part of the Holidays is the Eggnog. Here is a simple tasty recipe to make it at home!
4 cups milk
4 large eggs
4 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
grated nutmeg, to taste
4 oz. alcohol (optional)
Good mixes are Brandy, Rum, Spiced Rum, Amaretto, Amaretto Cream, Irish Cream, etc.
In a large measuring cup, combine all ingredients
except the alcohol.
Use a hand blender to blend the eggnog. Lifting the hand blender just below surface of liquid to add air to the mix will create a richer, creamier eggnog, and can cause the volume of eggnog to double using this technique.
You can also do this using a blender. Just pour the eggnog mixture into the blender and cover. Blend at a high setting to incorporate air until liquid is almost double in volume.
To add alcohol, while still blending the eggnog, pour in the alcohol. This is to assure that the alcohol is well blended into the eggnog.
Top with more Nutmeg!
Serve and Enjoy!
This recipe will yield 4 to 8 serving, depending.

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